Congratulations to Catherinelee who left a message on the Day 2 Thread. Catherine, wait until you read a few excerpts before deciding what prize you'd like.

Gianna is going to lead off with an excerpt from a new erotic contemporary she is working on entitled "At Home With Peter and Sandra in The Suburbs." No where near finished, but she's very excited about this collection detailing the erotic journeys of a couple from the suburbs of somewhere.

For excerpts of Hot Chocolate Kiss and The Journey, both paranormal romances, check out this post on Gianna's blog. They are PG-13. The one below is NC-17.

Andrew and Alice will be posting some excerpts on this thread so bookmark this link. Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win the Day 3 prize.

From The Hot Spot, by Gianna Bruno:

Every window on the block was opaque. The patrons outside the bars surrounding the shop looked like they lived a variety of alternative lifestyles. A bad imitation of Liberace exited The Hot Spot, his black jacket adorned with sequins in the shape of musical notes. Peter ducked inside. Two chicks with short spiked hair and black leather covering everything that wasn't tattooed strolled around, arm-in-arm, giggling every time they dropped something into a red, heart shaped wicker basket.
A paunchy guy stood behind the counter. A cigar dangled from the corner of his mouth like a limp cock. A black curtain behind him extended the full length of the wall. “Can I help you, sir?”
“I’m looking for. . . ” Peter wondered if he was an undercover cop getting ready for a sting.
“Our merchandise is very specialized. We escort our customers through the aisles to help them make the best selection.” He hit the button, the little silver bell tinged. “Raul!”
A pretty blond slipped out from behind the curtain. “This way, sir.”
The smile on Raul’s face reminded Peter of the way most men looked at women. He was sure to get good advice. Peter followed him into a room filled with racks of sex toys. His eyes were drawn to a multitude of penises, in various stages of arousal, depending upon how much patrons had fooled around with the pumps. “I suppose it’s a dildo you’re looking for.” Raul astutely noticed where Peter was staring. “The ladies go for the vibrating models. But if you’re interested in one for yourself, I’d recommend this.”
He took down one and two ball shaped pumps. “Fill it with warm water, or even some lovely lubricating jelly. Pump it up to the desired firmness. Then when you’re ready, compress the other side and it “ejaculates.” Raul used his fingers to put quotes around the word.
Peter inspected it and tried compressing each bulb. The rubber was so soft, it felt real. The hair was wiry and coarse-for a little extra stimulation in all the right places. His dick hardened as nicely as the dildo.
Raul’s voice dropped three octaves and now sounded like a dog growling. “If you’d like, I can demonstrate. Complimentary customer service. Very clean and safe.”
Peter started to say no, just wrap it up. He fingered the bills in his pocket, fresh from the ATM. What the hell was he doing? “Sure, I’d love a demonstration.” He flipped out his phone and called Sandra. “I stopped off at the store so I’m running late. Be home soon, sweetheart. Be ready, okay?