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    Default What are your favorite summer foods?

    Today's topic is favorite summer foods (feel free to share recipes if youíve got them).

    My favorite summer foods are watermelon and strawberries. We have a pick-your-own strawberry farm a mile or so from my house and I donít know what kind of magic they use, but they have the best strawberries Iíve ever eaten in my life.

    Share your favorites and be entered into a drawing for some prizes to be given away at the end of the week. Winners announced May 19th.
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    OH MY...We get wonderful strawberries locally (available now--they're perfect). Soon we'll also have local blueberries. Amazingly, my hubby and I are working on a pretty good watermelon. It is huge, and seedless, and very good for so early in the season. I also love fresh sweet corn and beautiful red, meaty tomatoes. The off-season ones just have NO flavor. Why am I getting hungry???
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    The fruits a plus. I love all the berries in the summer. Gooseberry pie is my favourite, but I can't bake at all. Thankfully my gran is a baker by trade

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    Strawberries!! (And whipped cream, of course)
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    Salads are my favorite summer food. Lots of crispy greens, maybe chopped egg, bacon bits, little tomatoes and slivered almonds. Yum. I think I just figured out what we're having for dinner.
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    This is my first time here - hope I do it right! And my favourite summer food - ooooh, my mouth is watering - slice up a pineapple, sprinkle on a mixture of fresh mint leaves crushed with sugar.

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