Some people may think that because a Time Travel Romance combines paranormal with historic romance that you don't need to research, wrong. Research is a very important aspect of a Time Travel.
Once you have the era that your character lands in it is vital to get out those history books and see what was going on back then. You will want to discover what the politics were at this time. When I say politics I mean just that. Say your heroine lands in Kansas, you would need to discover the year and then look up and see what is happening. Current events of say 1867 would do. The Civil War would probably play a part in your story, maybe the hero was a soldier. Once you establish the time frame you need to know what the ladies were wearing. Check out the fashion for the era for both your characters.
Fashion then leads to lifestyles, what kind of furniture, curtains, house styles and appliances (non-electric).
As you can see the list can grow very quickly and it doesn't stop
Once you gather all the information you think you will need, then you can weave these little tidbits into the story. The word "weave" is the trick, you want the history to blend into the story, not become the focus.
I hope you were able to get STARGAZER and when you are reading it pay attention to how the history weaves throughout the story.
If you have any questions ask away, I'm here today and will check back.