Aw, thank you January. My published writing started in 2004 as an independent. Yes, that's right: I formed my own press, hired a book designer, editor, and proofreaders. I had a friend who is an incredible graphic designer (now in New York) who did my book cover and original website design. I feel extremely fortunate that Champagne picked up Dragon & Hawk --and any/all sequels--because that doesn't happen very often. I have learned a ton of things at every step of the way. For instance, when Kindle first came out, the formatting requirements were basically to rewrite the entire book in HTML code. Thank the stars no one has to do THAT anymore! And thank you Champagne for doing all the formats for your authors!

My writing has grown as well, and of course I learn something with each new endeavor. My original vision was to have a five book series, but with work and marketing my writing time has suffered. I'm not sure if/when Book Four will get finished, but rest assured I'll keep working on it!