Thank you, Crystal! Since we just had a couple of entrants, I'll send you both a free code for a Smashwords download of my book Sink or Swim. You'll also both receive a Smashwords code for the essay book when it's released this summer.

I was slowed up with some dental problems over the weekend and didn't get here to comment as much as I'd like, but thanks to everyone for coming by. These were a couple links that I wanted to share:

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today is the Book of the Day here:

I was recently interviewed by Jen Blood at Blood Writes - the most extensive interview I've done in a long time.

If anyone sees this thread late, I'd still welcome feedback on the 25 years essay book title - and if you leave your email address with your feedback, I will add you to the list to receive a free Smashwords code for the book this summer.