I want to give you a sneak at the current book I'm working on called Enchanted Cries...a erotic romance paranormal....This is unedited and will probably change...
Copyright Savannah Chase 2012

The glass door to the Petite Fleur flew open. Another inch closer and it would’ve nailed an older gentleman in the face while he made his way towards the entrance. Other patrons who made their way into the restaurant turned their heads in displease, and a few comments and snickers followed, Kahira hurried past them clutching her helmet in her hand. At the moment she could care less about being polite. One thing occupied her thoughts. One very important, pressing life and death matter. Run, run the hell away, and run as fast as you can. She needed to get away from this place, from everyone around her before it would be too late.

Precious seconds ticked away and the all familiar tingle crawled over her warm skin. Her personal warning system decided to start going off at the worst possible time. It meant it’s time to listen before she couldn’t hold on anymore and the loss of control came barrelling down on her. That meant the greatest risk of all, exposure to the world.

Kahira couldn’t have been more grateful to have her motorcycle with her tonight. She treasured the thing. Having a getaway go zero to sixty in two point five seconds is just what she needed in situations like this.
Kahira smiled at the sight of the powerfull machine. She stopped in front of her shiny red bike. The one thing she’d owned which had constantly been with her throughout the good times and bad. The one personal possession that never left her, and brought her so much joy. With the tap of her heeled foot across the pavement she pushed up the kick stand. Why on earth did she decide to get all dressed up with heels and all? Riding a bike all done up and in non sensible shoes wasn’t the best thing, but she’d managed it pleanty of times before.
Hiking up her long red dress, she straddled the cold leather seat and a shiver ran down her back. Quickly she retrieved the key out of her thigh high stocking and placed it into the ignition.