Master's Email

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That's the title of my next short story for those who love to 'watch' what goes on behind the doors of others. Are you a voyeur? Maybe you didn't know you were but you love watching anything kinky...that's okay, your secret is my secret. might not want to miss grabbing your copy of Master's Email because Master has webcams placed all around the house so he can watch his submissive all day as she acts out the emails he sends to her. It's a good thing he owns his own company and doesn't have to answer to anyone else about what's on his computer or what he uses his webcams for. Of course, his is built in so no one knows if he's on a web-conference call or broadcasting a message to his toy at home!

Visit my website for more info and a release date. I don't have a release date yet but it should be out before the end of June! Then I will be starting my new western series. Hop over to the post on new books for more info on that series or on my website.