Why should I blog?

· It keeps your website content fresh, which search engines love.
· You can share valuable information. If you help or educate others you gain trust and authority.
· The blog will support your other marketing efforts.
· It will help build your platform. If you come with some name recognition and expertise doors that were previously closed to you may open.
· You can practice your writing. Since there are no constraints – it’s your blog – you can try out new styles, themes, etc. and see how your readers react.
Credit: Meryl K. Evans

What do I “do” on Twitter?

· Status updates – similar to Facebook, but in 140 characters or less. Tell your followers what you’re doing, where you’re going, how your writing is coming along.
· Re-tweet others – if you see something that you think your followers might be interested in, re-tweet it. Help out other authors by re-tweeting their Tweets about their good reviews, book releases, etc.
· Talk to your followers/those you’re following – Twitter is a two-way street. Take the opportunity to talk to everyone you can – even if you think they won’t be interested in your response. Encourage other writers, commiserate with harried agents/editors, or just hang out and talk. Let people get to know you and they’ll be more likely to help you when you need it/buy your book, etc.
· Participate in group chats – Chats like #askeditor and #litchat are not only a great way to learn valuable information, but they also put your name out there amongst like-minded people.
· Provide information – share links to interesting/informative articles/blogs/websites.

How do I set up an author fan page on Facebook?

· Go to Facebook’s log-in page.
· On the right-hand side at the bottom there’s a small link that says “Create a page for a celebrity, band, or business.” Click that.
· Choose “Artist, Band or Public Figure”.
· You’ll have to then choose a category. “Writer” is one of them. Choose that and then put your name or pen name in the box below. This is very important – if you use a pen name be SURE to put that here, as the name here will be the name on the page.
· Follow the instructions to create the page.

Please do be sure to ask questions - that's what I'm here for!