Here's a fabulous collection of Cougar short stories, edited by Jolie DuPre and available in print and e-book from Logical Lust.

Table of Contents:

Boston. Breasts. Bohemian, by Jeremy Edwards>>
What Pretty Girls Do, by Rachel Kramer Bussel >>
Whisky Spread, by Sascha Illyvich >>
Spring Training, by Heidi Champa >>
Labeled, by Tara S. Nichols >>
Adrian’s Lover, by Craig J, Sorensen >>
Comfort Food, by Donna George Storey >>
Illicit Desires, by J. C. Wesner >>
Too Many Buffalo, by Randall Lang >>
Get Up, Stand Up!, by Madeline Moore >>
Sally Jean, the Dishroom Queen, by Bill Brent >>
A Taste of Ginger, by Adriana Kraft >>
Illicit Intentions, by Keeb Knight >>
Shelly’s Mom, by Jolene Hui >>
Cruising for C-men, by Dona Lee >>
A Great Commute, by D. L. King >>
Sherry, by Doug Harrison >>
Mine for the Night, by Brenna Lyons >>
To Make It That Way, by Emerald >>
Her Apolonio Smile, by Trish DeVene >>
You Just Might Get It, by Julia Barrett >>
Inter-Office Men-O, by Blue Canyon >>
Deep Waters, by Shanna Germain >>