This is the last lesson in the seminar. As always, feel free to ask questions. Thanks!

Now that I know these things about promotion, can I have a simplified marketing plan if nothing else, do these three things?

Highly selective guest blogs find out which blogs have the biggest readership in your preferred demographic and ask them if they do guest blogs (you figure this out organically- what blogs do you read? What blogs are people talking about?)
Amazon author page

How about a more advanced marketing plan if Ive done those three things and want to do more, where should I start?

Blog (your own)
Facebook personal page or a fan page?
Online media kit put a link to it on your website

Why are there a million sites out there like Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr etc and do I need to pay attention to them?

No, at least not right now. Concentrate on the things that will give you the biggest bang for your buck, and in general, its not these websites.

What are some examples of promotional products authors can use?

Postcards with the cover on the front, a short blurb on the back, along with links to my
website, my publisher, testimonials, ISBN, and direct links to my book on Amazon, B&N, and other outlets. There is room to sign the postcard in the "addressee" area. Keep a stash of these in your purse, along with bookmarks and hand them out whenever
someone expresses interest.
Bookmarks include title, your name, cover art, website URL, testimonials, ISBN
Tote bags w/your books cover on it (this is mainly for you use it to carry around your everyday stuff groceries, kids stuff, etc.
Post-it notes include a pic of your books cover at the top, along w/website URL and your name
Excerpt booklet 8.5 x 11 word document, two pages, printed front and back, folded. The graphics and wording for the cover are all one image that I created in another program and pulled into word as a .jpg file. You can include blurb, excerpt, reviews, etc.

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