This story was the first outing for my actor laddies from Home Fires Burning.

You can download The Roaming Heart for free here.

Alasdair Hamilton, Toby Bowe and Fiona Marsden are the hottest properties in post-war English film. Shame that Fiona believes what she reads in the gossip columns…

"Do you have a good cook, Toby?"
"One without parallel, recommended to me by a friend of mother’s. Mrs Forrest may be stout, have wrinkles and be able to grow a more impressive moustache than my father can, but her pastry is without parallel in the kingdom. I am truly spoiled," Toby patted his muscular waistline as if to emphasise the fact. Three young women in the vicinity nearly choked.
"And what about the daughters of the nobility?" Alasdair had a small, secretive smile on his face although only Toby seemed to notice it. "Do they approve of the culinary delights on offer?"
"They might if they ever were allowed to set foot through the door. I also possess the most ferocious butler, who will not allow any of the painted minxes as far as the top step. When I meet them it’s strictly at an away venue." Toby cleared the last of the fricassee from his plate. "And you, Alasdair?
That daughter of the Aga Khan or whoever it is that you trip the light fantastic with — does she like Mrs Whatever-she’s-called’s steak and kidney pudding? Assuming Mrs Thingy has bribed the butcher again."
Alasdair grinned. "Like you, Toby, I keep my pleasures to be partaken of away from the family hearth. Doesn’t do to let these ladies become too ensconced at the fireside."
"Indeed. Well, cup of something alleged to resemble coffee and back to the Grindstone, I suppose. Shame I gave up cigarettes when I was twelve. I quite fancy one at pleasant times like this."
For some reason Alasdair began to choke on his coffee.