How about a peek at how our hero feels when he meets our heroine?


Bryant had had his share of whores, but never one who was owned, and certainly not one who should be sitting before her own hearth, awaiting the return of her husband. When he’d seen her earlier, he’d decided he would seek her out, taste of her sweet body, but only if she was willing.
Her fingers tightened on his arm. Dark eyes pleaded with him.

“All is well, Lady,” he whispered. “You need not fear that I will complain. You are free to go.”

She tugged the sheet from their bodies, and he thought she was going to leave. Instead, she spread her thighs, and he couldn’t halt the downward slide of his eyes along delectable curves that led to dark curls, stark against creamy flesh. He glimpsed moist folds and his cock jerked. His mouth went dry. He had imagined tasting of her sweet juices, but to have her so close now, ready, willing—he jarred from the thought. She was not willing. She was only here at the command of her mistress.

She reached between them and he remained frozen when she wrapped her fingers around his cock. She squeezed. He gritted his teeth against the intense pleasure. Her slim, white fingers gripping his girth sent the blood pounding through his veins. He wanted her from the moment he’d laid eyes on her in the great hall, even knowing what she was. Dark hair that hung nearly to her waist, dark eyes, and breasts so full they begged for a man’s touch…his mouth. He took in a ragged breath, desperate for control. His cock hardened more. Lust swamped him.

She tightened her hand on his neck and pulled his head downwards. Bryant felt himself stepping over the edge, then he plummeted when her full breasts crushed beneath his chest. She threw a leg over his hip and arched against his rod. Soft curls tickled his flesh.

“Lady,” he rasped as her soft mouth melted beneath his.

He thrust his tongue against her lips. As before, she opened without hesitation. He swept inside. Her hand fell away from his cock, but she pressed her mound against the hard length. He groaned and thrust against her. She rocked, and his shaft slid through her curls. If he pulled back, he could thrust inside her in one easy move. She was surely wet and ready.

He pulled back, breathing hard. “I will not force you.”

“I am yours to do with as you please.”

“You offer yourself only because—“

She pulled him close, his ear against her lips again. “I beg you, do not leave until the sun rises.”

She emphasised the plea by rubbing her sex against him. He groaned at feel of her slick folds gliding down his thigh, but forced himself to pull away. She flattened a palm on her belly and his gaze followed the downward skim of her fingers until they brushed her curls then dipped into the glistening folds. Slowly, she opened her cunt lips, baring herself to him. She shifted and his breath caught when she cupped a full breast and brought the hardened nipple to her mouth. He watched, unable to move, as she suckled the tip.

The breast slipped from her mouth and he jarred from the trance. She cupped the back of his neck and brought his mouth down to the stiff, rosy peak. He greedily sucked it into his mouth, hungry for the taste of her, all of her. He was a fool to have thought he could walk away from this woman.

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