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All conspiracy theories are not just theory. Are there dark forces pulling the strings of government from behind closed doors? Are the Illuminati, Bilderbergs, and the Freemasons what some are saying they are. Perhaps, perhaps not. Let’s examine the facts.

Is the White House for sale? For that matter is America up for sale. There is so much money involved in politics today how can the government be expected to look after the people’s interest. And, yes we are allowed to vote, but how free is our choice. Even with an actual choice, a recent decision by the Supreme Court now permits of the voice of the people to be drowned by massive corporate spending.

Naturally, big businesses only bankroll politicians who protect their interest. It would be illogical for big business to do otherwise. It would also be illogically for politicians to change a system that puts them in power.

So, that begs the question: what kind of democracy do we really have? The answer is America is a polyarchy, a term introduced by Robert A. Dahl. According to Dahl, power resides in the hands of elitist sectors of the nation’s wealthy, who are threatened by the lesser classes. Truth is, real power is exercised by the elite and always has been. At the heart of democracy is the belief that we are all born equal.

And that equality must be accepted by those in power. In an effort to win that right, many have been tortured and killed as those in power fight to retain it. Recall the woman’s rights movement, the civil rights movement or the current occupy Wall Street movement. Those who champion democratic ideas are called extremist and trouble makers. So, it is safe to conclude that no one in power really want a truly democratic system.


Government has to balance the needs of the whole society, including that of corporations, along the lines of ethical, social and moral responsibility. And, in the discussion of corporations, they are considered individuals with all the rights guaranteed by the 14th Amendment which granted freedom to slaves after the Civil War.

The corporation is an artificial creation that has twisted the 14th Amendment to mean that they are no different than any other American citizen. But, corporations, in fact, are not people. They do not feel. To them all that matters is the bottom line. Like monsters, their only aim is to gobble up as much profit as possible. You see, by law they must put the welfare of their stockholders above all else even the public good.

This is a very conscious legal decision. Short-term profits for the stockholders, who are very concentrated, are put above all else. Read about the battle between food and health watchdogs and chemical corporations over whether to allow antibiotics in our food supply. And, when you examine the repercussions of this corporation victory, you will begin to realize the level of crisis we’re at in this country.

And when they can’t win in the courts, on the house floor, or in regulatory agencies they cheat. Whether corporations obey the law is determined by whether it is cost effective to do so. Regulatory fines and penalties are but slaps on the wrist compared with what they stand to gain.

Corporations are global entities and governments don’t have the power they once had over them. Governments are powerless by comparison with the power they once enjoyed just thirty years ago. In order for corporations to expand their profits they must sell more products and thus consume more resources. Look at the ecological damage of such a policy. The result is rising environmental pollution, sprawling industrialization, and corporate expansion into foreign countries resulting in the perpetuation of war.


Let’s turn our attention to a different type of corporation, the Federal Reserve. Gold is only valuable because it is scarce. The same holds true for currency. The more money in circulation the less valuable it becomes. The Federal Reserve has the power to control the amount of money in circulation.

You would think that the power to control money would be in the hands of the government. Surprisingly, the Fed is neither a component of the federal government nor any other level of government. So much for public accountability.

In reality they are a cartel, a collaboration of privately owned banks. No different than the oil cartel. So, we know what they are, just not who they are. Don’t believe me, name one. Ok, so you named Chairman Ben Bernanke. Very good! Name another. I thought so.

According to Benjamin Disraeli, The world is governed by different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

“The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debt” warns Henry Ford.

“...a power so subtle, so organized, so complete and pervasive they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it,” wrote Woodrow Wilson.

The banks comprising the Fed have a monopoly, meeting behind closes and interacting with corporate and government entities around the globe. Nothing wrong with that except that the American people are only privy to what they tell us. Examine the outcome of the present fiscal arrangement.

Isn’t it odd that wages never keep up with corporate profit? Thus, more Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck in a constant struggle to survive and in constant fear that the market trends and vicissitudes will cause them to lose their financial footing and plummet down into a hellish of abject poverty. This treadmill of the powerless is a direct result of the present system of finances, where bank and corporations wheel enormous power over our daily lives.

In essence, here’s how it works. Every dollar the government borrows from them it has to pay back with interest. All of our income taxes are used to pay off the debt that the government acquirers. This is all a matter of public record and easily variable should you care to look. Even the founding fathers tried to steer clear of a central bank, what they saw as a perilous road. They understood that debt was another form of slavery, one irrespective of skin color.

But, after several failed attempts by other bankers, J.P. Morgan succeeded. He and others of his elk caused a market panic of such proportion that he was able to sell the public on the need for a central bank. In 1920, on Jackal Island, the finishing touches were added to a document that give birth to the Fed.

President Wilson went along to gain the presidency, a move he would soon regret. Faced with a crisis of conscious, Wilson went on record against the new lords of Wall Street. Banks drastically increased the money supply, making million of new loans, until the market crash in 1929.

In the aftermath of the worst financial crisis in American history, major banks bought up faltering banks and corporations for pennies on the dollar. Banking power in American becomes absolute, even over other sections of the power elite (C. Wright Mills).

Now jettison forward to the crisis in the financial markets of 2008. It was called a bailout, but in reality it was the largest unregulated transfer of wealth in human history. The United States treasury (headed by Henry Paulson of Goodman Sachs) turned over, with the consent of congress and the White House, 700 billion dollars to the nation’s most powerful financial institutions.

The leverage that they ussed was that they were too big to fail. In sum, whether in the housing markets, hedge funds or derivatives, the American tax payers will be there to cover the losses. But, record bonuses, golden parachutes, and stock options belong only to the titans of Wall Street. In God we truth mayby inscribed on our dollar bill, but it should read in Greed we truth.

The Media

The media in America is owned by the corporations. So, how well can we trust what they report? If we make our decisions and formulate our ideas on the information provided by the media, then everything we think is suspect. If you watch even-not-so closely you will notice how the media keeps the discussion within the narrow margins of approved boundaries.

This allows them the media to present both sides of an issue, giving the impression that we have a democracy. But, whatever message big business wants carried forth in their reporting, what slant the corporations want presented, the media will carry it out unfailing.

I know some of you doubt that this is the case. If what I say is true, the media would need the capacity to convince millions of American to routinely vote, act, and embrace that which is in opposition to their own political, economic, ecological, and social interest.

And, the media is able to accomplish this through the manufacturing consent. Manufacturing consent is a term from Walter Lippmann’s Public Opinion. He called it “a revolution in the practice of democracy, a technique of control.” He believed that governance is the domain of a specialized class, necessary because the public is not up to the task. Necessary illusion is required because the average man isn’t rational, relying instead on faith and emotion.

But, America’s rule class is face with a problem according to Lippmann. When the state can’t rule by force and people have a will and a voice how can the ruling elite exercise dominance? But, Lippmann had the solution. They have to control what people think. Freud say that man was forever incapable of governing himself thus in need of control. For that reason we would be forever discontent.

A nephew of Sigmund Freud, Eddie Bernays, developed the science of public relations, how to curry favor with the public. He perceived the public as a mob, containing too much irrational energy. After conducting extensive studies, he concluded in order to control the mod you have to play to its irrational emotions. He took his clues from the way people could be conditioned to dress the same while they remain deeply unique by nature. The psychology of dress wa a key example of what was possible.

The advertising industry learned to sell to people’s emotions and not their intellect. They mastered the art of making people believe that they needed a new product by building an emotional bridge from the product to the consumer.

Fundamentally, people have an unrecognized longing that can be tapped into using various psychological techniques, placing Madison Avenue in the control of our deepest desires and primordial fears. Mass mind control could be used to manage the bewildered herd is how Bernays put it. By manipulating the internal wheel and cogs of the mass mind, they were able to alter the power relationship that had existed since time began.

George Orwell, in his brilliant novel 1984, maintained the possibility of a perpetual ruling class. One of the key ingredients would be a perpetual war. In that sense, the war with the terrorist is the perfect war. The enemy is everywhere and nowhere at once. More importantly, they are in endless supply.

Orwell and Bernays both concluded that by triggering needs and desires you can get people to do what you want them to do. Getting people to focus on what they want and not what they need. Appealing to the masses requires linking the product to people’s desires. So, by pushing the right buttons, one can sell the people anything from toothpaste to warfare.

War and Propaganda

Remember how not-so-long ago the American people were conned into going war under the pretense of locating and dismantling WMDs. The Iraq war led to billions in profit for the military industrial complex. With big business in control of the White House and the media and congress asking all the wrong questions (beholden to the military complex) look what was possible. Notice how both the media and congress were repeating the lines spun by the White House, over and over and over again.

“…but we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud,” to quote Condoleezza Rice.

Remember that unforgettable tidbit from the White House’s campaign of fear. Remember that? In order to put off the con, they needed to fabricate a nemesis, one we could properly hate and fear. Enter the Arab world. Early on the spin doctors began associating the Oklahoma booming to the Middle East, repeating the deceptive lines of the government into around the clock sound bites. The human side of the Arab world was hardly reported. Instead the Islamic world was discredited and labeled foreign devils and a threat to the west.

The ministry of information or the White House press corp. did their jobs exceptionally well. But then, so did the media. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on sets (with all its hi tech imagery) used to report the war. The American people were not only expected to support the war, but to enjoy it as well.

The selling the news (and thus the framing of the truth) meant training people to say certain things a certain way. The media excelled at distorting the truth and crafting a lie in its place. There credo being: a lie is as good as the truth if people belief it.

After the WMD lie was exposed, they went right to work selling the story line of liberating the people of Iraq from Saddam Hussein. What was really at stake was the geo-political value of the Iraq and of course the oil. The pretext of weapons of mass destruction was to control an important part of the world. It’s as simple as that. In the process, the values and principles of our Constitution were revoked, placing the power to make war in the hands of the few instead of the hands of the many, the way it was intended.

The campaign of fear and hatred resulted in the lost of certain basic freedoms in the creation of Homeland Security Agency and the enactment of the Patriot Act. American can now be jailed or spied on without respect for due process. The enemy is everywhere, remember. Thus, every American is a suspect.

Thus, the greatest casualty of this war has been our basic freedoms, resulting in the silencing of voices of descent and the growing intolerance of opposing ideas. Neo conservatives are trying to render the nation to a place beyond good and evil, were we are alone and above international reproach. It doesn’t matter that they like us, only that they fear us. This reasoning, or lack thereof, brings to mind Imperial Rome in her reclining years.

And, always at the heart of their attack is their effort to spread fear. The term Axis of Evil and radical Islam is another example of the politics of fear. This type of politics is far more dangerous than the terrorist themselves. Remember all of the color (red, yellow and orange) alerts that we had to suffer through?

The enemy are going to attack from somewhere said the government, but from when, where and how they did know. Other than to heighten fear among Americans, what good did it do? When the President was asked what can we the people do to help prevent attacks against our nation, he told the people to just go shopping. Be good little consumers, and we’ll handle it. In addition to the death and destruction and the loss of our precious civil liberties and a loss of faith in our government, the two wars have nearly bankrupted this country.

The Future

It would be disingenuous to promote the idea that corporation don’t help sustain our privileged lifestyle. But, what price are we willing to pay for what they give us. So, will people continue to bury their heads in the sand? By not looking at the problems facing this nation directly, they don’t appear to be all that bad. Few squawked when the government started putting electronic tracking devices in American passports. Some Americans have even volunteered to have government transmitters implanted into their anatomies. Can you say BIG BROTHER?

We shall have a word government whether we like it or not. The only question is whether I will be by conquest or consent, Paul Warburg council on Foreign Relations assures us.

One thing is for sure, there will be a long list of crisis for which big business through a purchased political clout and a submissive media will be able to manipulate. An ever increasing number of planetary crisis’s will provide the grist for the mill of the Hegelian Dialectic.

“What we think we see is often an illusion intentionally presented, like the conjuror who would have you to believe he holds an orange in his right hand, when it is actually in his left hand. Citizens of the world, whether their sympathies are left-wing or right-wing, monarchist or republican, have been used as pawns in their game of Hegelian psychology by the hidden hand that rules.”

With the world’s fossil fuel supply growing dangerously low, gas prices are sure to continue to rise. Food prices will follow suit also will most other household commodities. Considering that the world’s population has reached the 7 billon mark and doubling every 35 years, there are troubling times ahead.

Our present course is unsustainable. And the saying goes anything that

Our government will, in the face of such problems as energy insufficiency, pollution, crime and mass incarcerations, widening poverty, war, lost of civil liberties, growing homelessness, and systemic corruption and economic disparity, grow even more ineffectual.

But we can win back out democratic freedoms, save our environment, and put an end to hawkish ambitions of the military industrial complex. But, we have to first stop being obedient little consumers trying to buy our way to freedom. The dollaris all powerful.

Therefore, we can no longer afford to keep giving corporations our money so they can turn around and undermine our democracy. We have to begin doing business with companies that do business in a socially responsible way.

We have to stop allowing the advertisement industry from telling us what to buy with our money (power). Right choices about everyday decisions can change this country. Corporations, no matter how powerful, cannot survive with us. Don’t underestimate the power of your purchases. Deny big business their profits and they will change their destructive practices. And, we can start by demanding the facts and then act on that information. .