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    Default Sometimes a damsel in distress just doesn't cooporate

    Riana’s mind raced. Panic rushed to the surface. “I will not go.”

    Sir Bryant shifted and, before she realised his intent, he had hauled her over his shoulder. The warden moved past them and Sir Bryant followed him out of the door.

    “How dare you?” Each word was punctuated by his purposeful stride down the corridor. “Put me down,” she growled, and began flailing her legs.

    “By God,” he cursed.

    His arm clamped down on her legs. A dull slap sounded in unison with an unexpected sting to her arse. She cried out, confused, then realised he had swatted her.

    “Beast,” she shouted. They turned a sharp corner and she jerked back, narrowly missing the stone wall. “You will knock me senseless.”

    “Mayhap knock some sense into you,” he muttered.

    Sir Dunbar laughed. Riana jerked her head up and met his gaze. The old knight lifted a brow.

    “Poison would have served you right,” she muttered.

    He laughed harder.

    The reached narrow stairs that descended in a tight circle. Sir Bryant shifted. She felt herself falling and grabbed for his gambeson He slid her into his arms and pressed her close to his chest. She clung to his neck and buried her face against the warm flesh. His scent, masculine and musky, was just as it had been when their bodies had been entwined, his cock moving in and out of her arse as she bucked against the phallus. He had gripped her waist with an intensity that had startled her. Her heart beat a thunderous rhythm in her ears. Why had he wanted her so badly…why had she wanted him? What did he want with her now?

    At last, they reached the bottom, and Riana lifted her head. “Put me down.”

    He kept his eyes straight ahead as he continued to follow the warden through a second corridor. They turned another bend and the warden stopped at the door on his right. He unlocked the door, then lifted the sconce from the wall to the right of the door and stepped aside. Sir Bryant entered the darkened cell with Riana in his arms, followed by Sir Dunbar. Light flooded the room when the warden entered, sconce in hand.

    Riana squirmed in Sir Bryant’s hold.

    “Be still,” he ordered with a squeeze.

    “Put me down,” she countered.

    “By God, Riana, another word, and I will bind and gag you.”

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