Linda, the information you've given us has been VERY helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and providing us with reliable software to create book trailers. All the best in your own endeavors.

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I have mine there and on my web site- and sometimes I’ll pay for advertising for different book sites. Buyer beware- I have spent a lot of money on advertising that did zip for me. I would suggest to research –research- and only spend what you can afford. Try it for a month / or a week and see what results you get. I use Google Analytics- and can view my web site for visitor content…Although that doesn’t tell me if anyone has bought my books- it does illustrate how many visitors per day, week or month and how they got there- via which site they were at when they found my web site.
Remember – you can use the cost of the music, pictures, and advertising are expenses you can use for a tax write off.