This is another scene that I found that had something to do with one of the topics from another thread. Who is who in the three guys in rileys life.

Page 259

However much this vampire iritated the hell out of me, he was at least still in my life, still by my side. No matter how much I might have told him to leave he could not accept my nature and beliefs I didn't actually want him to go. Because he was right. There was something good between us, something that was worth taking the time to explore.

This is another point to the me thinking Quinn is the guy for the long haul.

Page 367

"Then I will have to remain by your side until those dreams turn to dust or you accept what is meant to be," I glanced at him. "You can stay for as long as you like but I will never play solo. Never."

So hot those two and so ment to be.