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Thread: Quinn

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    Can't wait just to see what happens with quinn all about him
    Books are my friends..shhh, they talk to me.:P:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irishlilt-quinn'shot View Post
    Hey, am new but am a big big fan of riley jenson series,
    i thought that id post that i so cant wait for moon sworn to come out!!!! QUINN IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    to the forums! I'm waiting patiently for Moon Sworn. And yes, Quinn is HOT!!

    Quote Originally Posted by CharmedGirl View Post
    Just over 2 months until the last Riley book is released. I can't believe how fast time flies.
    I know and I hate that it's the last one too. I'm sad to see the series end.

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidsGirl841444 View Post
    Can't wait just to see what happens with quinn all about him
    Me neither. I so love Quinn!
    I've decided to use my name on my profile now to make things simple, but I am and always will be THE IrishWolf.
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    yh i fink he was a shifter of some kind, as well as the Aedh. So Idk if keri has mentioned what else, but am uncertain
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