Hello writers! I'm in search of a writing partner. I'm currently working on a new Contemporary Romance. I think I've started something pretty interesting, which includes a sassy heroin and a lovable, yet possesive man. Contains, love, laughs and lot of intense passion. I a few chapters in and could use a little insight. I've included the prolouge to my novel, if you are interested in helping me out, I'd love to hear from you!

A clap of thunder and the slow, steady beating of his heart roused me from sleep. I lifted my head from the warm chest that I’d been nuzzled into and tried to make out his face in the darkness. The thick, slate colored drapes blocked all but a tiny sliver of a flash of lightening. Not nearly enough light to make out his face.
My mind raced back to how I had ended up in my bed with a total stranger.

The memory of the evening flashed in my mind; going to the Wellesley-Crawford Hotel’s Annual Masquerade Gala; socializing, laughing, dancing… drinking. Then, a thunderstorm ripped through the area and knocked out all the electricity. The crowd had scattered back to their hotel rooms and homes.

Somehow, in the darkness and chaos, he found me. It started with his hand on the small of my back, as he guided me through the crowd and towards the stairs. I remembered trying to identify him with the help of the small glow from the emergency lights but, it was impossible to see his face with his mask still in place from the party.
I remember thinking… Who is this masked man?

I tried to ask him who he was, why he was here and where we were going. But he never answered with more than a sexy, rough whisper, “Because.”

He led me, hand in hand, back to my thirtieth floor hotel suite. How did he know where I lived. Despite what I was thinking, I couldn’t let go of his hand. The firm grasp he had on my hand scarred me but, excited me at the same time and most of all, I felt safe.

When we reached the double doors of suite, he swiftly moved in and pinned me between his lean, muscular frame and the door. His lips had crashed into mine before I even had time to think. He slowly led his tongue over my lips, as if he was waiting to be invited in. As if he’d traced out a code to safe, I opened my mouth and let him in. The kiss ignited something in me that had long been dormant. That was just the beginning of our encounter. Eventually, we had ended up right where I lay, after the most intense and satisfying night of my life. The way he moved his hands and mouth over my body was like he was sculpting me into a piece of artwork.

I let out a deep breath and settled back into the crook of his neck. A soft sigh came from him as he tightened his arm around my back, as if unconsciously he refused to let me go. It felt liked I finally found my perfect connection. Where had this man been all my life?

The lightening lit up the room just enough that I could see a small script tattoo right below his collarbone. It was a mixture of thin and think black swirls, determining exactly what it was proved impossible, but none the less I committed it to memory. I smoothed my fingers up his chest and a rested my palm where the light had shown the only identifying mark on my unnamed lover. Listening to the beating of his heart, I drifted back into a peaceful sleep, not knowing that by morning he would be gone.