I hope you'll meet my feisty characters! Jinn & Toxic is a military romance with paranormal elements such as psychic gifts. No one can tell Jinn Dennison what to do except Tab (Toxic) McTavish. Though he outranks her, she gives him a run for his money.

Jinn is in a Mexican rain forest, fighting to find her identical twin sister before it's too late. Julie was shot and fell off a cliff into the rapids. Everyone on the Toxic Tango Troop think she's dead until Jinn shows up to save their hides. A case of mistaken identity must stay that way because Jinn and Julie are military secrets. Alone they use their psychic gifts to protect the government, but together, they are deadly.

Tab and Jinn battle it out in more ways than one. She's used to being the one in charge in bed, but he takes the lead and runs with it. What a turn on.

Hope you come meet them in January. I'll be having a contest a CTR blog, and an interview. I'd love to get to know you all. Happy Holidays, my friends.