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    What are the must-have items in your kitchen? What items couldn't you live without?
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    My kitchen aide
    My marble rolling pin (I bake a lot)
    My baking cabinet (I built it..wink)

    oh oh My DISHWASHER

    Neat! I had to think about this! Thanks Jennifer!
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    The pestel and morter. Oh and all the herbs
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    Fresh herbs, I grow 25 different ones in my garden. My dish -washer, and fresh bread, good butter and fresh coffee
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    I probably could live without it, but my dishwasher and electric top stove that I wanted all my life after I got married,

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    I couldn't live without my dishwasher or my slowcooker!
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    I couldn't do without the basics: the stove, coffeepot, mixer, and barbecue (outdoors). I have a breadmaker, and although I don't make bread anymore, the six gazillion loaves I made more than justified its purchase.
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    I love to cook. My must have items are: My KitchenAide mixer, marble mortar and pestle, all of my Pampered Chef items, my cookbooks.

    I'm a foodie. The Food Network is my favorite channel.

    Nothing says love like a meal prepared with forethought and love.

    Great question, thanks for asking.

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    I'm kinda cooking-challenged...but I do love making cakes and cookies. My food processor, and a good bowl are a MUST for me, also I love a good pie pan.

    When it comes to food ingredients, I can't live without plain yogurt, I use it a lot as a mayo swap, as well as Applesauce instead of oil or butter in cakes....
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