A silence in my heart, my home. Feeling, this feeling of alone. To sigh, sad and gently cry with inner , lonesome pain. That hammers out, again, again, again.
Yet, simple, it would be to stem this loss, this echoing hurt of dismal dreams. So simple, a touch, gentle breath that marks the skin, our own. For here, in this moment lives, and dies everything, everything. But why? Why now, why here?
A touch, so simple yet means so much brings something, light, easing. A healing to my soul. A voice, a voice of angels wings, an aria that sings, whispering, near. In your eyes, eyes of love and hope, it grows, more so and stronger. I feel it. A beating within, capturing my heart, preserving, and creating the light, the night of fantasy and dream. Moria and the dungeons held nothing to fear compared to the loneliness a night could bear. But with you, so far, so near, what could I fear? What?
One night in your arms, a treasure beyond the realms of man. A masterpeice of hallowed dreams, envisioned, and dreamt. For you, oh princess of my life, my body and my soul. For you Are. You are the central hub of all my being, with you I breath. With you I blink away the tears, your smile is wrought upon my face. Here, now, forever in this place.
Oh queen of my dreams, majesty I kneel, humbly to ask, to feel. You regal and bold, take my hand and together we hold the hopes and dreams of a race of hope. Sharing our love, and holding their hands, to grow. To know. To be.
Teri, my love. This heart each beat cries out your name. These hands they move and dance with time, fashioned with you, to hold and tame. This mind, these thoughts, tossed by storms, and fraught, relax, regain themselves once more with you. With you.
Living and hope, loving to give. I ask nothing now 'cept a willngness to live, and share perhaps, or maybe to grow as confidence we know will shine.
Yet remember, my love, my dove, my petal of the rose. There is nothing within, nor trouble without, which hinders, or holds, restraining my love.
Nothing to burn, to hurt, to cut or cry.
Just me and my love which will cling to you...
....till I die.