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The Seduction of Elian Varona ~ Sometimes, two souls happen upon one another as if it was always meant to be, but what happens when the fantasy you’ve held your entire life, suddenly pales in comparison to your reality?
Elian Varona finds himself in that position the moment he meets Tabitha. Neither of them expect their one night of flirtation to go any further, now they realize what started that night won’t be easily extinguished and Elian is soon torn between the future he had planned, and the present he can’t ignore.
Tabitha has never done anything in her life remotely wild or spontaneous, not until the night she meets Elian. Her one random act soon has her entire life spinning in ways she never saw coming, but at the end of the day, what she wants most of all, can’t be hers. How will she ever be able to return to the life she knew, now that she’s experienced Elian Varona?

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