I began writing romance to learn my craft as a writer from editors and publishers. Sixteen years and twenty published books later, I have switched to the general fiction I started out to write. To prove that I have not abandoned romance completely, this is an excerpt from "The Sapphire Sea"

Malcolm woke to the pre-dawn glow from the east and found himself alone in the bed.
Tracey was standing naked at the open door leading to the balcony, her raised hands resting on either side of the frame, one foot slightly advanced as if she were about to step outside. She’d raised herself on her toes to peer over the edge of the balcony down into the deserted streets. If Malcolm survived to be old and grey, he was certain that this picture would be as clear in his mind then as it was now.

“Good morning,” he said.
She turned her head to look at him. “It is,” she agreed.
“Come back to bed?” He lifted the sheet to invite her in.
“You’re very ambitious,” she teased. “Wasn’t last night enough?”
“A thousand nights wouldn’t be enough,” he claimed chivalrously.
“I won’t ask you to prove that, but the thought is delicious.” She crossed the room and slipped under the bedclothes with him.