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    Default MM's blog and newsletter

    My blog -- MM's Fundamentals of English -- is located at

    My newsletter -- MM's Fundamentals of Writing -- is a monthly e-mail newsletter. In each issue, you'll find the answers to writers' questions and also a new Bragging Rights column. You also will find information on my future workshops and other tidbits of stuff I want to include in the newsletter.

    If you have a question related to the fundamentals of writing or something to brag about, I would love to include either or both in August's newsletter, probably going out August 6, 2012. E-mail me at with your questions and good news before August 4 to be included in the August newsletter.

    I am always looking for suggestions of workshop topics. You can e-mail me your topics to the same address as above.
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    Hi, everyone. My August newsletter went out (email) Tuesday evening. Did you get your copy?
    Do you want to get a copy? Send me your email or go to my blog and subscribe: .
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    Got a copy. I am thinking of taking your punctuation class. I took the comma class, but this seems to cover quite a bit more.

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    Janet, yes, this punctuation class covers commas, apostrophes, semi-colons, dialogue punctuation, dashes, ellipses, and parentheses.


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