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    Default RECOMMENED READ - Demonically Tempted!

    "Love will need to battle against the hearts that found it with the presence that wants to end it. Tess learns people will try to force their beliefs on what she and Kipp have in Demonically Tempted. I fell for Kipp and Tess the first time I met them and this next adventure just had me falling for them harder. I thought it was great that Kipp’s department believed enough in Tess and her abilities to bring her on their cold cases team and even arranged for some help for her. Yet, I found the trouble exceeded the help that the medium brought. I enjoyed my glimpses of Tess and Kipp’s relationship and mourned for them on the twist that happened to their relationship. I loved watching Tess overcome the enemy that was hurting the ghosts needing her help. I have to say that the final cliffhanger has me pacing while waiting for the next adventure for Tess and Kipp. If you love this couple like I do, I bet you will be right beside me. Demonically Tempted has the best combo of love, suspense, magic and humor – one that gripped me from the first page until I reluctantly turned the last page.

    After I finishing, I knew that I had to Joyfully Recommend this journey that Tess and Kipp found themselves on as a must read and a keeper. I know that it and the first book of their meeting, Supernaturally Kissed, will never leave my reader." Joyfully Reviewed

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