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    Default What's new with Workshops with MM?

    Beginning next Monday I begin a new workshop on Flashbacks that Please Your Editor and Don't Confuse Your Reader, sponsored by Northeast Ohio RWA. This workshop is two weeks long with 6 lessons. I cover flashback pros and cons, other ways to include backstory besides through a flashback, flashback do's and don'ts, and switching verb tense in the flashback.

    This is one of my favorite workshops. I get so many AHA'S from my students in this workshop. I love that!

    Then it's off to Branson, Missouri, for vacation.

    After I get back, I have two workshops on Writers Online Classes. September's workshop is a month long on punctuation. November's workshop is another favorite of mine -- Passive Writing: Do You Really Want to Send Your Reader into a Coma? 12 lessons cover passive voice, gerunds, nominalizations, and weak verbs. This is another workshop I get a ton of AHA'S from my students.

    For more information on my workshops, go to and click on MM's revised 2012 schedule of workshops.

    Hope to see you in one or all. If you want to get updates on Workshops with MM, sign up for my monthly newsletter by sending your e-mail address to

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    I loved this workshop. I highly recommend it.

    Janet R.
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    Thank you, Janet, for your stamp of approval. MM
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    Hi MM, I just returned from Branson and loved it! Now I'm trying to play catch-up. I just found the email for your class, today. Looks like you've included a lot of things I need help with.
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    I am loving this workshop. Some of it I already have down, but some of the tips are great ways to catch typos and brain farts!

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