Kaye, my comments are within your assignment. Thanks for participating in this workshop. MM

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1. It was a cruel reminder that her attempt at freedom had failed. correct

2. It took no imagination to figure out what Rocchelli had planned for them. correct

3. The dog probably belonged to the kid Eddie had recently taken a liking to. correct

4. "Eddie didn’t actually say we had to keep you alive ‘til he gets here." no perfect tense, but the sentence is correct as is.

5. It hadn't been the first beating she'd endured nor was it the worst. The verbs here are alerting my teacher extraordinaire sense, but I need to see the sentences before and after to say what's wrong.

6. She had no doubt it was for show, and it was an effective weapon. no past perfect tense, sentence is correct

7. Eddie wasn’t the only one who’d had enough. correct

8. "I told the doctor what had really happened and why Eddie's goons were stationed outside my hospital room door." correct

9. It was spitting snow and the wind had picked up by the time Ceara pulled into a town just off the highway. correct

10. "If I'd had more time, I'd have deciphered it myself." correct