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    Book 1 - Notorious Nephilim
    MFM erotic contemporary fantasy romance
    Heat Level SEXTREME
    Word Count 50,151

    Fleeing memories of her recent divorce and longing for some control over her life, Abigail Cosslin takes a two-week vacation at an exclusive resort that caters to its guests’ every desire. When she becomes involved with two of the resort’s mysterious, sexy owners, she doubles her pleasure, but what are they hiding?

    Zachary Neville and Emmett Fallon are Nephilim who’ve been imprisoned on Earth for ninety years, and unless they fall in love with a mortal woman, they’re destined to live out eternity indulging in their favorite vices with no permanent satisfaction.

    Zach and Emmett helped start Lilith’s Playground during Prohibition as a way to snub those who had a hand in their punishment, but each man longs for true love.
    When they meet and seduce Abigail, hope begins to build. But will she believe their story and accept them on such terms? Or will she be lost to them forever?


    “I suspect I have on more pieces of clothing than you do.”

    “It’s not strip poker. Off with the shirt and bra.”

    A moan escaped her throat as she unbuttoned her shirt, taking her time. He didn’t tear his gaze from her face, and that feeling of slipping into a warm pool of water returned. This time she didn’t fight it as she pulled off her top. He lowered his gaze to her bra as she reached behind to unhook it, then let it fall.

    He took a deep breath then sighed. “You’re absolutely stunning.” His voice was rough and low, sending a shiver through her again.

    “Your turn,” she whispered, nodding toward his crotch, where an impressive bulge strained at the front of his jeans.

    Grinning, he undid the button and zipper on his jeans, then pulled them down to reveal dark blue boxers. Abigail found that sexier than if he’d been standing in front of her completely naked. His cock tented the fabric, suggesting he had the biggest one Abigail had ever seen in person. As she took off her jeans, she was glad she’d worn black panties.

    “Nice. This is it, Abigail. One more piece of clothing each and we’ll be naked.”

    Abigail had trouble taking a full breath. His scent filled her head, and she couldn’t remember ever being this aroused. Her clit and nipples throbbed. Surely he heard the pounding of her heart.

    “Let’s take them off at the same time,” he teased. “On three.”

    She watched Zach’s engorged cock spring out as he said “three” and slid down his boxers. As she revealed her shaved pussy, he licked his lips.

    “Did you do that for this trip?” he asked in a raspy voice.

    She couldn’t meet his gaze as she nodded. He took a step closer, and she moaned softly, limbs trembling as fresh arousal washed over her.

    “Then you knew exactly what to expect.”

    All she could do was nod again as Zach placed a finger under her chin, lifting her face toward him.
    “Why are you afraid of your fantasies, Abigail? Tell me what I can do to help you relax and enjoy me.”

    “It’s been a long time since I made love.” It wasn’t her fantasies she feared. It was reality. Making love with Malcolm had always been one-sided and unfulfilling. She wanted to be swept away, taken to such heights of pleasure that she lost herself in them.

    “Then I’ll be very careful.”

    He meant it. His handsome face was full of gentleness and concern. She took a step toward him and put her arms around his neck, reaching up to kiss him. His kisses were rougher now, deep and demanding. His tongue and teeth played over hers, bruising her lips.

    Zach’s strong, warm hands caressed her back and ass, forcing deep moans from her throat. She pushed her body against his and rocked her hips into his cock, already slick with pre-cum. Her pussy was so wet she could feel the juices trickle onto her upper thighs.

    Both his hands were on her ass cheeks, and still his mouth continued its assault on her. Her clit throbbed, and Abigail was sure she’d come any second now. When he smacked her left ass cheek hard, she jumped.

    “Sorry,” he muttered. “Can’t help it. Your ass just begs to be spanked.”

    Abigail gazed into his unusual eyes, panting. Should she tell him her fantasies of being put over a man’s knee and spanked? He’d do it. She was sure of it. But was she ready for something so intense?

    A slow, sexy grin spread over his face as he watched her, almost as if he could read her thoughts. Considering everything that had happened between them this evening, Abigail wouldn’t be surprised at all to find he could.

    “You’ve been really bad,” he said, grabbing her ass again. “First you tease me at dinner with those chocolate-colored eyes of yours, and then you flirt with me in the sleigh.”

    “I didn’t flirt with you.”

    Both hands came down on her ass cheeks in a hard smack. Abigail yelped, more from the contractions that started in her pussy than the sting.

    “You did, Abigail. And you didn’t wear those panties because you’re a good girl.”

    Before she could think of a clever answer, Zach sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her over one knee. She exhaled sharply as he pinned both her legs with his right thigh and held one hand against her lower back, rendering her unable to move.

    He caressed her ass, moving one finger along the crack all the way to her wet opening. When he slipped it inside her pussy, Abigail moaned loudly, pushing into his thigh as the climax overtook her.

    He purred deep in his chest. “Had a feeling you were close.”

    His left hand moved off her lower back and underneath to tease her nipple as his finger slid in and out, so slowly she thought she’d go out of her mind. The contractions went on forever.

    “Please…” she begged.

    “Tell me what you want.” His voice washed over her, low and sexy, filling her senses. “Tell me exactly what you want, and if it gets to be too much to handle, tell me that, too. I don’t want to hurt you or scare you. I’m here only to pleasure you, Abigail.”

    She blinked back tears at his tender words, swallowing against the sudden lump in her throat. “I don’t know what I want.”

    He pulled his finger out of her pussy and smacked her ass hard. “Yes, you do. Tell me.”

    “Spank me,” she said, her voice shaking. “Spank me hard.”

    “And then what?”

    “Zach, please…”

    Abigail had never said such things out loud. For one thing, no one had ever bothered to ask. She was used to the men in her life taking what they wanted, whether it pleased her or not.

    He slapped her ass again. “I want to hear you say it, Abigail. Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

    “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard and deep.”

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