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    Default How to quote a post and quote multiple post

    Okay, you've all seen how to post on a thread, but now you're probably wondering how can I quote what someone has said or how can I quote more than one post at the same time. Well, today that's what I'm here to show you. It's really easy to do and takes no time at all.

    To quote another person's post all you have to do is click on the Reply With Quote button located at the bottom of the post that you'd like to quote.

    Doing so will open the quick reply area below the posts with the quote at the top of the area. Now all you have to do is reply to the post and click the submit reply button.

    To quote multiple posts you first need to go to the post that you'd like to quote and click the multi button at the end of the selections at the bottom of the post (see above picture). The Multi button will look like it's been written in bold when clicked on. Then you go to the next post you'd like to quote and click the multi button in that post also. You do this for every post you'd like to quote. The screen will look like this (All names except mine have been removed from the post for this example):

    Next you click on the Reply to Thread button (They are pink and there are two. One above the posts and one below them) and it will open the quick reply area where all the posts that you wanted to quote will be. You can then post under each quote and click the Post Quick Reply button. You may also click the Go Advanced button and be taken to another screen with more posting options. Once you finish your replies to each post you just need to click submit post button and you will be taken back to the thread with your post at the top.
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