Keyboards and Kink Anthology
Evernight Publishing
MF erotic paranormal romance
Heat Level 3
Word Count 8,655

Ursula Mackenzie has worshipped the enigmatic owner of Night Gamesfrom the safety of her computer screen for an entire year. The interactive blog feeds her passion for dark erotic stories about vampire and pirate lovers, while the face of Reynold Collins fuels her sexual fantasies.

Reynold Collins has also been watching Ursula since she joined his website a year ago, only she doesn't know it. Reynold has a secret, and it's time he revealed it to Ursula.

Will she reject his life of eternal damnation, or can true love really conquer all?


The dream woke Ursula. She waited until her breathing had returned to normal and rolled over to glance at her alarm clock, groaning when she realized she’d only gone to bed a couple of hours ago. She snuggled back under the covers and hugged her body pillow. “Reynold,” she whispered. “I wish that dream was real.”

Her eyes snapped open when she heard a rushing wind noise. Was it storming outside? When she removed the blanket she shivered. The air in the room had suddenly grown cooler.

Crossing to the window she moved aside the curtains and peered out. The full moon cast a bluish hue on the expanse of lawn below. The trees were still and stars dotted the sky. What had she heard?

Hugging her elbows she crossed to her dresser and turned on one of the Tiffany rose bouquet lamps that flanked it. She had another blanket in the bottom drawer. When someone whispered her name, she froze. The hair on the back of her neck prickled. Was someone in her condo?

“Shit.” Her phone was on the nightstand, behind her. With her heartbeat pounding in her ears, she turned around and watched something materialize in front of the window. A face floated next to her nightstand. The only things clearly visible were his piercing green eyes.
“What the hell…”

“I won’t hurt you, Ursula.” His seductive, soothing voice sent a shiver through her, but not from fear. It was Reynold’s voice, exactly as it had sounded in her dreams.

“I don’t understand.” Nice one, Ursula. Tell the strange man in your bedroom you’re confused. Maybe he’ll stop and explain first? That’ll make it so much more pleasant.

“It’s okay, Ursula. I’m not here to hurt you.”

“Tell me what the hell is going on right now.” Her limbs felt like someone had wrapped them in fire ants. They danced along her skin, stinging her. She shook her head, trying to escape what her senses were telling her was true.

She placed both hands across her chest as his body took solid form. It was like watching a computerized model of subatomic particles come together. The pieces coalesced until a yummy man stood in front of the window, dressed in khakis and a button-down shirt.

The muscles visible under his clothing suggested hours spent at the gym, and his rugged face had the look of someone who spent a great deal of time outdoors. The air filled with the scent of musk and another scent she couldn’t identify. It conjured up images of naked bodies writhing together in passion.

His gaze burned with passion and her clothes suddenly felt too tight. Ursula trembled at the raw lust in his eyes. Every erotic fantasy she’d had about this man floated through her mind. She moaned and backed up but she was already against the dresser.

“It’s okay. I mean you no harm.”

“How?” she breathed, unable to form a coherent thought. “Why?”

He placed a wrapped package on the nightstand. “I brought your prize.”

She shivered. “What?”

“You won the grand prize this quarter, and I’ve brought it to you.” That voice. It washed over her like warm water, caressing every inch of her skin. This was impossible, and yet there he stood in all his testosterone-laden glory. Her nipples and clit began to throb.
She licked her lips. “Can we take a detour back to reality for just one second? How is this possible?”

“You’ve always wondered if vampires are real.”

“Sure, but…” Wait a minute... “They’re real? You’re a vampire? Is that what you’re telling me?” Why didn’t she feel afraid? Shouldn’t be she be planning her escape right now? Ursula, hello! There’s a strange man in your bedroom!

“You’ve always believed it could be true, so why is it so difficult to accept?” He took a step toward her. “Isn’t this what you want? To explore your dark fantasies? That’s what I’m offering.”

“No way. Not possible.”

He grinned and it sent a wave of desire crashing through her. This was insane, and yet she craved his touch. More than she’d ever desired any man.

“Do you doubt your own senses?” he asked, strolling toward her slowly, like a big cat stalking its prey.

“I can if I choose to.”

“Please don’t send me away, Ursula. Let me in. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“This is crazy,” she whispered.

He was so close now she could count his eyelashes. They hung over his lids, dark and long. “No, it’s not crazy, Ursula. It’s what you and I have dreamed of.”