Book 3 - Notorious Nephilim
MFM erotic historical fantasy romance
Word Count 52,239

Caleigh Kensington runs through men like water. But when she seduces two owners of the exclusive resort where she’s just been hired as a nightclub singer, she does the unthinkable by falling in love…with both of them. Can she overcome their secret and finally commit to a lasting relationship?

Hugh Fallon and Sterling Neville have never met anyone like Caleigh. Fun, talented, and sexy, they willingly give their bodies and their hearts to her. But what will happen when she discovers they’re Nephilim, and the only way for them to gain a chance at redemption is for Caleigh to choose them?

When Caleigh leaves the resort, convinced she’s only going to hurt Hugh and Sterling the way she’s hurt so many other men, Hugh and Sterling set off to find her. Can they convince her to stay with them and finally take a chance on love, or will they lose her forever?


Lust rolled off him in waves. Caleigh found it difficult to take a full breath or form a coherent thought. How could a man seduce her without touching her or saying anything? She should tell him she’d changed her mind, but somehow she knew it wouldn’t matter. He’d talk her into coming to his suite with him, regardless of what she did or said right now. There was no turning back. Caleigh wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to turn back, and the indecision confused her. It wasn’t something she was used to.

“Here we are.” She hadn’t even realized the elevator car had stopped. He opened the gate and led her to an unmarked doorway in the corner. Hugh’s suite was decorated in a modern style, with dark brooding colors—no surprise there.

“Have a seat.” She watched his retreating form move toward what she assumed was the kitchen then sank onto the leather sofa. Its scent mixed with his, filling her head once again with erotic images that came out of nowhere.

When he walked back toward her, carrying an open bottle of wine and two glasses, her gaze dropped to the front of his trousers where an unmistakable bulge tented the front. He’d taken off his jacket, and his shirt couldn’t hide the muscles in his chest and arms. Caleigh bit back a moan as she imagined those arms holding her while he rammed his huge cock inside her pussy and ass.

He sat close and poured a glass of wine, then handed it to her. She waited until he’d poured one for himself and placed the bottle on a table next to the sofa. “What shall we drink to?” she asked.

“To fucking.” Hugh grinned, and Caleigh couldn’t help laughing. She wasn’t used to men being so obvious in their attempts to seduce her. Most of them tried to court her and woo her with flowers and dinners. Last night, Sterling hadn’t even tried. They had simply fallen into each other’s arms, as if it were meant to be. Hugh was so determined, so one-minded in his pursuit, Caleigh had to admire his honesty and his tenacity.

“All right. To fucking.”

Hugh chuckled before taking a sip. He threw back his head and moaned seductively. Caleigh took several sips to keep from groaning. The effect this man had on her was staggering, but she loved it. She wanted more.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“The wine, or fucking?”

“Both.” His gaze was intense, dark, and ripe with promise. Decadent pictures filled her head again. She took several more sips of wine until the warmth penetrated her entire body, not that it was cold in the room. The heat coming from Hugh’s body was a raging inferno.

“I like them both,” she said, holding his gaze. “Very much, in fact.”

Hugh took the glass from her hand and placed it on the table, then pulled her into his arms and kissed her, rough and deep. Caleigh couldn’t contain her moans this time. Her skin was on fire and the desire sweeping through her was unlike any she’d ever experienced. She’d never felt so wanton in her life.

She grasped handfuls of his clothing, his hair, anything she could get her hands on as his tongue ravished the inside of her mouth. He unzipped her dress and reached down to caress her ass through her girdle, setting off a shock wave of tiny contractions in her clit. She pushed her tongue inside his mouth and moved her hands down his back, enjoying the feel of his muscles underneath the clothing.

He released her mouth and stood. “Stand up.” The commanding tone of his voice made her gasp, but she did as he asked. He took off her dress, his gaze following it down to the floor. “Step out of the dress.”

The look in Hugh’s eyes was raw animal lust. She stepped out of her dress and he laid it gently across a chair. That he would take such care with her gown touched her heart. He may have looked dark and dangerous, but there was a soft side in him, somewhere.

When he retuned to the sofa he stood in front of her again, a half smile gracing his face. “Now take off your undergarments, and for heaven’s sake don’t ever wear a girdle again. You have a beautiful body. Show it off.”

“Oh…” Caleigh swallowed against the sudden lump in her throat. “I always wear one under my gown when I perform.”

“You don’t need to.”

She slipped off her shoes, unhooked her garters, and wiggled out of the girdle, her face hot with embarrassment. When she reached around to unhook her bra, Hugh caught her hand and finished the job for her, then slowly removed it. A wide grin spread across his face as he gazed at her breasts. “Fucking perfect,” he whispered. “Now the stockings and panties.”

She slid them down and stood before him, stark naked, waiting for him to make the next move. Goose bumps broke out over her body as his gaze roamed over every inch of her. Finally, he touched her curls. It was just a soft touch, but Caleigh moaned again. She couldn’t help it.

“Spread your legs a bit.”

She did as he asked, fighting to keep her limbs from trembling as he rubbed her clit then her soaking wet slit. She closed her eyes, only to open them again at the sound of his voice.

“Keep them open. I want to watch them as you come.”

“Oh God…” Caleigh writhed against his touch, which had become rougher now. His entire hand cupped her pussy while he looked into her eyes. One finger flicked her clit, and two slipped inside her wetness.

“Hugh… please…”

“You won’t get anything else from me tonight until you come, Caleigh.”