Darien Cox's "Body Surf"


Tired of running wild and drifting without direction, Joe Amato craves some stability, wanting to belong to something, someplace, or even someone. When he sees Cameron, a gorgeous blond lifeguard working the beach near his sister's house, suddenly he knows exactly what he wants to grab onto.

Swamped with suitors, Cameron seems unattainable, so Joe can't believe his good fortune when the lifeguard seems to fall for him too. But there's Natani, a former lover of Cameron's who refuses to let go, and her persistence quickly turns to stalking and crazy antics.

Cameron struggles to dissuade her, desperate not to ruin things with Joe, but Natani has a secret, one that could destroy their happiness forever.

And now in print...

Piers Anthony's Relationships - Volume V


New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony brings readers another collection of new stories about relationships. Some hot, some softer, and all thought-provoking, Relationships 5 is another must-have book for any Piers Anthony fan.

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