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Mickie Sherwood here. Thank you for putting me on www.Bookstrandpublishing.com'sMainstream Daily Bestsellers list. Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker is #4! Yea!

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Widow Veronica Torres needs something desperately—invisibility.Escaping the clutches of her conniving brother-in-law and traveling incognitoin the RV she traded for online sets her on a collision course with her newdestiny, and a barreling fiery red 18-wheeler.

Trucker Mike Masterson steams at the close call. First, henearly sideswipes her. Now, she ends up at the same rest stop with mechanicaltrouble. Maybe, she deserves to sweat it out in the June heat since she has theattention span the size of a pea. But, the child in her company deservesbetter. What else can Mike do besides cart them to his garage for repairs?

Will their burgeoning relationship ignite more fireworks thanthe upcoming Fourth of July celebration? Or will the sparks of six nights andseven days of summertime sizzle—fizzle to an end?


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~~Sweet, spicy romance – a heartbeataway~~
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