Well it's been a while since I have posted here. Of course it doesn't mean I've not been around I've just been so swamped that I've not been able to post well anywhere.

So what have I been upto in the last two years (a scary fact which shows me quite how busy I've been!)? Well I've spent the past two years being retrained to work with animals, so now I can look after a huge variety of animals and groom a large number of them if I so wished (grooming a ferret is a very interesting experience but not quite as interesting as grooming a goat!).

However throughout these two years I wasn't sitting on my laurels as far as writing as concerned I just had very little time (working two jobs and going to college turned out to be a bigger time sink then I expected!). So after my retraining had finished I had the opportunity to continue and take the course further or end the education there. If I stopped education I had to then decide what I would then focus all my efforts on.

The long and the short of it is writing won, and since the beginning of this month I have become a full time author with my complete focus on writing (apart from a part time job that I have on the side).

You can follow my day to day wanderings here: https://twitter.com/Author1539

And I will post a lot sooner then the next two years I promise!