And I be one poor, exhausted Brit.

Was tough mixing, chatting and being nice to a hotel full of strangers. I'm hoping my promo stuff helped some re sales of Poseidon VII. Didn't work as well as I'd have liked. After all when someone is sitting at the table with you and drops all their S.J.Willing promo stuff with an "Have no idea who this Willing person is, so I don't want these." Kinda deflates you some.

Still, maybe one day folks will recognize me and/or be able to read my name badge and wait till I've left the room before they trash my stuff.

Other than that had fun talking to lots of other authors for a change, so difficult to connect sometimes with friends and family who don't have the writing bug so coming here was rejuvenating in an overworked way.

Didn't get too many more photos but did win over fifty books in raffle prizes. So hey, that's a plus.

Will try and catch up on some of the posts now before the triple dose pain killers kick in.

Great to be back guys. Missed ya all bunches.