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    I'd like to share a poem I wrote for my daughter's pre-school class. They loved it so much, they drew pictures for me as well as had it "published" in their school notebook. heehee.

    My fish blow green bubbles
    In a flat blue sparse sea
    I see them each day
    But they don’t see me

    When I bathe with them
    I sing loud and clear
    And I’m sure they’d be glad
    That they cannot hear

    I clean them each week
    Until my fingers are bare
    But they do not thank me
    For they do not care

    They are so colorful
    In the sea with green trim
    They have bright fins
    But they do not swim

    So I ask myself why
    For I am not certain
    Why these fish blow green bubbles
    On my shower curtain

    < - - that sort of fits.
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    Aww, that is really cute! My daughter is preschool age and I'm going to read that to her when she gets home. It's catchy.
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    Oh how cute! I read it to my 4 year old just now and she got a good laugh out of it! hehe Thanks for sharing!
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    LOL. That is adorable. I can see why the kids loved it. Elizabeth
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    Awwwww, how adorable! I'll have to read this to my son because we have a fishy shower curtain that my son picked out a couple of years ago. He'll get a kick out of it.
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    the boys loved it we've got a fishy shower curtain as well

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