Hey guys, I found this vignette/scene I'd written a while ago (about five years to be honest lol)

You think I should turn it round and make novel out of it? Have a read and let me know.



With the wind ruffling her hair and the heady motion of the rocking boat Jackie grinned, grasping the tiller firmly to force the prow closer to wind and edging the yacht to heel that little bit more.

Across from her Jonnie smiled, revelling in Jackie's excitement which brought a glow to her eyes and a soft delicate blush to her cheeks, softening her lips.

Jackie didn't notice his stare, her whole being thrilled by the contest of woman against waves and wind. It had been so long since she'd sailed and she would take this moment for all she could. Yet she couldn't help the occasional glance at the man before her. Owner and skipper of this sleek vessel. His arms tanned and muscled by many months sailing alone on the seas.

The thought moistened her, causing small trills to rush through her, beating a tempo with the crashing splash of waves which broke against the vigorous bow. The sleek white point thrusting, deeper and relentless into the enveloping sea maw.

Flushing slightly at her train of thought she trimmed the sails, forgotten in her moment of dreaming. Again the boat snapped taut, leapt refreshed against the Atlantic roar, the rush of water thundering as it passed beneath the hull.

She could imagine it now, beneath him, rocking gently to the motions of passion as they slowly rose....

"Jackie are you all right?"

A burning touch sent a shiver through her as Jonnie grasped the tiller more tightly.

Flushing brighter she shook her head to shift the clinging tendrils of dampened hair. How could a man's touch be so virulent, so.... inviting.
"I'm fine," she answered, cautious to keep the passion from her voice.
He looked at her, seeming to read the truth in her words.

"There's a small bay ahead," he indicated to the distant shore. "Let me take it in and we can break for a while. A rest would be good."

Longing to keep the thrill of sailing, yet melting as his touch moved up her arm to ease her gently out of the way, Jackie numbly agreed. Somehow managing to stagger across the cockpit to cling to the rails on the other side. She watched him sail, feeling him as part of the boat, the seductive movements enticing her more.

Lips dry she licked them hungrily, wishing shamelessly it was something else to lick.

The bay was lovely. A small crescent of golden guarded by an irate cliff too angry to let travellers descend it. The bay shielded from the sea by its great curvature.

Jackie tingled, spotting the gleam in Jonnie's eyes.

He knew.

Her legs nearly buckled as he walked towards her, again taking her hand. Gently he pulled her near.

"I want you."

His whisper breathed softly on her neck as he held her near, she felt his hard passion press deep against her, he nibbled softly at her ear and neck. The tingle between her legs spread wildly, dizzying her with its force. Dazed she felt his lips on hers, parted them to feel his tongue explore, gently stroking her lips and teeth. Her breath, ragged, almost non-existence as she died to his touch. Blinded to all but the sensations wrought by his lips and tongue and the hands that stroked gently around her back, her buttocks, gently stroked her breasts. The damp T shirt clinging to the hardened nipples raking them with its coarseness.

Somehow she was inside the yacht, no memory of the journey, just seeing him silently pull her blouse and bra off her. His lips, now scalding, encircled her nipples. One then one. Tongue and teeth pulling gently at the swollen flesh. Desire and lust now raged from her, as she grasped his head, fingers curling tightly in his hair pulling him nearer, onto her.

Grasping her wrists he forced her to release him, then lowered her hands gently to her sides.

Skillfully he opened her jeans, stroking her gently as he slid the zip down.

Her skin became ablaze, tortured by touch, stricken with desire. She
trembled, screamed as he slid the jeans from her, reveling for a moment before sliding his hand beneath her panties. Stroking the fine hairs that settled there.

Jackie bit her lip.

"Please," she begged, "please."

Jonnie smiled gently at her easing the panties from her legs and lingering with his touch along her thighs. Tracing a delicate line of torment closer, closer.

His kisses moved down, surrounding her navel, then moved on quickly, her passion too roused to wait much more.

Reaching the pinnacle of femininity he lowered, breathed. The hot breath struck against Jackie, making her scream, the burning, the touch.

His mouth lowered, tongue slowly entered her and traced a loving line around her lips, exploring every cleft and niche it cold find.

"Please, higher, touch me higher."

Ignoring her pleas Jonnie raised a hand squeezing hard against her nipple sending shockwaves through her, pulsating to and from her secret nub. With his other hand, two, no three fingers entered, thrusting and squirming with liquid sighs.

Jackie bucked, back arched, her clitoris bursting with need.

Then ecstasy, tension, his mouth nibbled at her button, blinding her. Only the feel of his tongue, his teeth mattered nothing, nothing.


Jackie twisted, bucked as heaven roared through her. Her clitoris pulsing, her body spasmed to the strokes of his tongue, his fingers, his breath.
Blind, stars exploding behind her eyelids, the pulses slowly lessened, his fingers left her, his tongue lingered then only coolness and emptiness.

Then his warmth upon her.

She opened her eyes to his kiss, her taste on his mouth exciting her again and his hardness pressed hard, entered her.

He paused, stroking the hair tenderly from her face.

"Shall we start again?" he whispered.

Managing only a guttural grunt Jackie forced his lips against hers. Sucking greedily at him, for him.

Then, slowly, Jonnie began rocking upon her.