For your reading pleasure here is the short story I have prepared for you all...

Tingles of cold raced across her flesh as Adam trailed his fingers along the curve of her back. Jenna knew it was wrong for her to be in bed with her Employer, but she didn't care. He made her feel things no one else did. His breath hummed against her ear as he nibbled on the end of it making everything in her feel alive. Adam was buried so deep inside of her, she was not sure she could separate herself from him. They only had stolen moments together, since there were prying eyes about. And yet no matter how long they were apart from one another, they always found a way to be with one another. Their time apart ripped out her heart, making her wail enough to make the windows shutter as her flesh did from the orgasm building deep inside of her.

Adam made her feel so alive. His hands knew every contour of her skin. His lips tasted her skin leaving imprints wherever they branded her. Jenna bit her lip as she felt her insides clenching. She was so close. The sheets had slipped down back to the bed leaving her cold except where Adam pressed against her body. She shut her eyes bracing herself more the sweet moment of ecstatic bliss which would blow her body and soul apart.

"Yes. Just a little more," she whispered.
However, he did not grant her body's desire. Adam stopped. Jenna opened her eyes and looked into her lover's face to see he was staring at the door. Dread and the anticipation of being discovered fluttered her heart.

"What is it?"

Adam placed a finger on her lips. "Shh."

Outside the door, she heard the creaking of wood. Of footsteps pressing down on loose floorboards. She thought they had escaped the prying eyes of the other occupants of the house. Maybe someone had discovered them and was now going to expose them to the world. If the Mistress of the house discovered their clandestine relationship she would be put out on the street and she had no where to go. Jenna had been born in the house. Her father was the stable hand. Adam had recently bought the estate when the old owner died suddenly. She would not give up her home. If she did, she could die.

"Who is it?" Jenna asked.

A shadow moved under the door. The door knob turned. Adam tensed in Jenna's arms.
Neither of them moved.

"An this is where…"

The door swung open.

"…the master and one of his servants…"

Standing there was the Mistress of the house with a gun in her hand.
"…was found…"

Jenna heard a pop. Her eyes met her employer's wife's, but they were empty. Suddenly a pain hit her heart. It was hard to breathe. She reached out her hand to Adam, but her fingers passed through his.

"…shot to death. By his wife…"

Jenna stared at Adam. As she noticed the observers staring into the room. Her employer looked back at her and gave her a wry smile. The smug look in his eyes made her wonder what he was going to do next.

"I keep forgetting they can't see us," Adam nuzzled her neck.

Relief flooded Jenna. For a moment, she had relived her death. She hated when that happened.

"…It is said both of them haunt this very place…"

Jenna giggled at Adam as the tour guide shut the door on their little escapade. As she did, she noticed a woman staring at the bed with a puzzled look on her face. She wondered if the tourist heard her laugh. The woman came into the room a little more. Adam held his breath as the woman approached them. Jenna pulled the sheet over her and Adam as the woman came closer. The coolness of the fabric chilled her skin.

The tourist stood a few feet from the bed staring straight at them. "You two should be ashamed of yourselves."

"Excuse me?" Adam asked. Jenna heard the shock in his voice. This woman could actually see and hear them.

"There are little kids on this tour. What happens if they saw you two."

"Does it matter lady? We're dead. No get the hell our of here. Can't you see we're busy?"

Jenna chuckled. The woman gave them a disgust look and then crossed her arms over her chest. "Sorry. I'm not going anywhere. You two are stuck with me. I died about five minutes ago outside in the car. I just wanted to see the tour and I find you two shagging it up."

"Well you can't stay here!" Jenna exclaimed.

"Why not?" Adam murmured in her ear. "She is rather attractive and if could spice things up a little bit."

Jenna felt a herself smile. He always had such good idea. "What's your name?"


"Well Elizabeth. How do you feel about threesome's?"
Crymsyn Hart
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