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    Default Someone by the Fireside Waiting

    This is a poem I wrote when I was courting my wife. I lived in England and she lived in America.

    Someone by the fireside waiting,
    Warm glow flickering on peaceful face.
    Waiting for the time of ripening
    The time to come, the time and place.
    Where dreams become an evenings pleasure
    Shared with one who's soon to come
    And watching the firelight gasp together
    They speak and act and think like one.

    Someone by the fireside dreaming
    Of love that waits the other side.
    Inspired and hopeful with embers gleaming
    Reflecting the passion deep inside.
    And so the cracks and crackles linger
    burnt forever in his thoughts.
    Looking out to east and yonder
    And the love the fair winds brought.

    Someone by the fireside hoping
    Excited by another day,
    And working towards the final moment
    When love suceeds and finds a way.
    To open hearts and minds completely
    Revealing glory and inner trust
    A love that's true and always caring,
    Never harsh and always just.

    Someone by the fireside waiting,
    In his eyes a gentle tear.
    Wrought within by sorrowed silence
    Knowing you are never near.
    His arms embracing open spaces
    His heart clasping at silent words
    Which pierce the aching deep inside him
    Like so many thousand swords.

    Someone by the fireside loving
    Loving always, forever here.
    Keeping in mind his treasured moments
    Of the woman he loves so dear.
    The images warm and so inviting
    In his heart to always bide.
    Maybe, perhaps one day to know her
    And be in the firelight by her side.

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