...And are normally associated with Ouch!

1. Having sex while wearing a chastity belt.

2. Taking a hill at high speed on your friend's motor bike while wearing a strap on dildo.

3. Giving your partner oral sex on the roller coaster.

4. Pretending your neighbor's shotgun is a TV controller when he catches you in bed with his wife.

5. Pretending your frypan wielding wife didn't hear a thing after being caught by your neighbor in bed with his wife.

6. For men...going to the chest of drawers naked and slamming the drawer shut on your thingy.

7. For women...discovering your latest beau is into body piercing big time--yours that is.

8. Finding out that the flight you're on while joining the mile-high club in the teensie rest room has suddenly run out of fuel.

9. When the women on top finds out the thump she heard while indulging her partner's erotic asphixia desires meant the wire she was using was way too sharp...

10. Making love on the front seat of a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia and obstructing the driver's view and brain cells, while coming up on a bridge under construction. Talk about shooting your wad....