This is very exciting!  Over the weekend I had two new stories released with Torquere Press.  One was a lesbian story and the other, a gay story.  I feel very well-rounded.  ;-)

For the m/m readers:

Whence He Came

Whence He Came is an m/m short story being released as part of Torquere Press' Arcana Line, and is based on the Tarot card, "Judgment".

Elliot Cohen wanted out of his small hometown and so he moved to the big city after high school to go to college. Seven years later he's made a name for himself, but it doesn't turn out to be the name he wants. Can he go home again? Can come clean, make amends and start over? And more importantly, will his high school boyfriend, someone he never meant to leave behind, still want him?

Torquere Press says:

Elliot has been living a lie in New York, letting his friends and family think he's a wheeler-dealer in the real estate game. When he leaves New York to return to his small town home, he's relieved to see that no one knows any better about his life, and that some things never change.

The one person who has changed is his high school boyfriend, Tony. Tony's not willing to take a chance on the man who left him high and dry to go to the city, no matter how much Elliot wants him to. What Tony knows is what Elliot has to learn; only the truth can bring them back together again.

Excerpt here.

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And for the f/f readers:

Come to Me

Rachel wasn't a Dom until she met a submissive woman named Anne, who showed her a side of herself she didn't know was there. Now very comfortable in her role as Anne's Mistress, Rachel gets a phone call from Anne one afternoon at work and looks forward to teaching her sub a lesson in patience that evening.

Come to Me has been published as a Sip, Torquere Press' short story line.

Excerpt here.

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Also this month for my lesbian readers, I had a "traditional" lesbian romance short story, called Let Jennifer Drown, released in Best Lesbian Love Stories: Summer Flings with Alyson Books, and next week on the 10th, my lesbian cowgirl story, called The Good Life, will be released in Under This Cowgirl's Hat with Torquere Press! 

This is a very busy and exciting month for me, especially for my lesbian fiction.