Kindle Alexander's Up In Arms

When Reed Kensington--ruthless attorney, self-made millionaire and handsome playboy--returns from abroad and accepts a position with a prestigious law firm in his hometown, he believes his life is perfect. Reed never expected a chance meeting with an auburn-haired temptation to make him cross-examine his life or his future.

Trevor West, a military special ops team member, has a secret not even his best friends and fellow team members, Brody and Rylie, are privy too. He's gay and has a crush on one of them since their first days in boot camp.

Never willing to let his secret out, Trevor meets Rylie's older brother, a handsome and debonair playboy who unleashes all his secret desires. Will Trevor risk it all or will his duty to his country cost him his only hope at love?

And now in print...

Alyssa Morgan's The Warlord Trilogy

Prepare to take a passionate, incredible journey through time with three women who find love in the arms of fearsome warlords.

The Warlord’s Promise: A young widow will do anything to save her sister from being taken by the warlord who rules their village, even if it means offering her body to the warlord for a night of passion. When things begin to heat up, both of their lives will be forever changed.

The Warlord’s Revenge: A woman’s entire family is slaughtered by a vicious warlord and she becomes his unwilling prisoner. Falling in love with her captor is the last thing she expects.

The Warlord Forever : A modern-day woman awakens an ancient warlord imprisoned by a curse. It doesn’t take long for her to submit to the lustful desires of this handsome warrior, but can they escape the curse and find a love neither one of them ever dreamed possible?

Sexy and exciting, this enchanting collection is sure to capture your heart.

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