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    Yeah Starlight Key

    Through the mist, across the water, lies an island steeped in mystery and secrets where an epic battle of light and dark rages within a spiritual realm separated from ours by a curse. A curse that divided a God from her creation and trapped lovers on opposite sides of the barrier. On Starlight Key, that barrier grows precariously thin while a legend of portals that link earth to other places in time and space draws a small crew looking to free their world from it's own battle by restoring the four sisters of Jaquar to their rightful places in the galaxy.

    You will find immortals, witches and vampires hiding in the shadows of Starlight Key, each with their own stories, but most importantly, Starlight Key is a place where true love always wins and twin flames ignite the magic that brings light out of the darkness, heals the deepest wounds and makes heroes out of ordinary men and women.

    Starlight Key blends the best of fairy tale romance, paranormal intrigue, kink, and sci-fi adventure in an ongoing tale of good vs evil where nothing is ever exactly as it seems

    Available now on Amazon Starlight Key book one ~ The Legend Begins.
    Coming soon new subscription plans.

    Some of what you'll find in Episode One...

    Sarina Sumner is a young woman on a quest to discover manatees and possibly more if she can find someone to indulge her romantic fantasies of a passionate love affair before her ruthless father subjects her to a loveless marriage.

    Scarlet Blackthorne is dating Sarina's father and has asked her brother Mal to keep an eye on the naive girl while she's on the key, but Mal is up to his neck in revenge and piracy and passes the task along to someone else. If fate has the last say, however, Sarina will most likely end up in his lap anyway.

    When Drake and Rebecca meet, nothing could prepare either of them for the need born in their souls for one another. It's just too bad Drake is meant to marry Rebecca's older sister. Best laid plans...

    Aria is a sixteen year old girl with more dreams then experiences. She's coming of age, fighting against loneliness, struggling with her weight and most of all, her feelings for her new step sister's boyfriend.

    Remi has a soft spot in his heart for Aria, but with so much against them, there can never be more than a purely platonic friendship, though Aria longs for more. Remi is truly the only saving grace she sees in her life, but then at sixteen, life is really just beginning.

    Tess Snow values privacy and safety above all else. She trusts few, but those she does, she'd give her life for. Owner of several exclusive sex clubs, she also opens her home on the Key to select men and women allowing them the freedom to satisfy their sexual cravings in safety and anonymity.

    A permanent resident at Tess', Anadriehl is an angel purposed with healing broken hearts. However, with her latest project she's done the unthinkable and fallen in love herself. For the first time in her immortal life, she's feeling decidedly human and has no idea how to handle it.

    An immortal who would never find himself in such a position, Santiago keeps his needs and passions on a very short leash, indulging in sexual passion only when absolutely necessary. As one of the nay-chi, an immortal race sent through the holy barriers to protect the humans, he is also charged with keeping his own kind in line. A thankless job he takes seriously, but with the return of his arch-nemesis Tallon Tarasios to the Key, Santiago may be finally willing to turn his back on his own code of ethics to deal with Tallon once and for all.

    In a distant star system, Lucas Kavanaugh fights against evil to save the innocent, but he's fighting a losing battle. Alongside his best and only friend Aeon he's determined to save as many of the innocent as possible, but as often happens, life is about to deal him a change of plans.

    Gabrella has no real memory of who she is or how she ended up on Kanvore 6, but the strong sexy man who shows up on her doorsteps promises her answers and safety, if she'll only trust him.

    And for fans of Samantha's "Seduction" series, in the first of many crossover appearances by the characters from those stories, Destiny and Ronan arrive at Tess for a sensuous, romantic and kinky weekend getaway.

    Starlight Key is available now on Amazon for Kindle

    New Subscription Plans coming soon, please visit at for more details!
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    From the creative vision of Samantha Lucas comes a new way of storytelling that is bold, dramatic and definitely sexy! The stories of Starlight Key are open ended, the lives of its residents intertwine, secrets and relationships unfold slowly over time. Get ready for drama, mystery, sexy immortals, villains you'll love to hate, Domination & Submission, men that will set fire to your soul and long drawn out love affairs! ~ Welcome to Starlight Key!

    For more information on Samantha and her novels, please visit her at

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