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    Default Introduction and Welcome :-)

    Hi all,

    I'm ready to go. Are you?

    This is a hands-on, interactive workshop. I'm going to show you a technique for adding suspense to your writing. Then you go and apply it to one of your scenes. If you send in your assignment, I'll critique the paragraph and offer suggestions how to make it even better.

    This class is based on an excerpt from my book "Writing Scary Scenes" and on a lesson from my month-long class of the same name which starts on 1 October, so you get a taste of Rayne Hall's teaching and can see if you like the flavour. :-)

    I'm using BritishEnglish. To the Americans among you, some of my words and spellingsmay look odd, but I'm sure we'll be able to communicate.

    To get started, what would really help me is knowing what genres (and subgenres) you write, and what level writer (beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional) you consider yourself. You don't need to tell me if you don't want to; this is just to give me an idea what kind of folk I have in my today. (I write mild horror and epic fantasy and I consider myself a professional.) ;-)

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    Hello Rayne,
    I have written epic fantasy and now I'm writing paranormal/urban fantasy. I consider myself a beginner but an eager and fast learner. And I must say I'm really glad to have this chance of learning from you.
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    Hi Dragon,
    Oh, good, someone is replying! :-)
    It's good to have you here. You're not a raw beginner though, are you? I think you've done quite a bit of writing already (though of course there's still much to learn)
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    Hi Rayne,
    Thanks for being here.
    I write a lot of romantic suspense, some with a lighter feel to it. I've started writing a bit of contemporary romance, too.
    I've been writing for ten years, can always learn something new, and consider myself a professional.
    Bethanne Strasser
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    Good morning Rayne (or afternoon for you by now)

    I'm very much a beginner but learning as fast as I can. My subgenre of choice is historical romance. However, I like a little suspense in my stories as well. Nothing too creepy that'll keep me up at night but enough to make me wonder.

    I look forward to learning from you in this mini-workshop.

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    Hi Rayne,
    Thanks so much for doing this seminar. I know I'm looking forward to learning how to be better at my craft. I've written in just about every genre except horror but my favorite is suspense. All my stories are light and fun. I've been published for 5 years now and would consider myself a professional.
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    Hi Rayne,

    I tend to write in multiple genres...historical romance, contemp, paranormal romance. I'm a multi-pubbed author but I dont' feel I'm an expert. One has to continually learn and grow within the craft or your writing can get stagnant and predictable.
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    Hi Rayne - this looks interesting!

    I write in both mainstream and gay romance genres - mainstream as T. L. Lawrence and gay romance as Terry Wylis. Romance, romantic suspense, suspense/thriller in both parent genres.

    I have one solo published work - a mainstream romantic suspense - two mainstream romances (one an inspirational) with a co-author, and seven published works with the same co-author in the gay romance genre, including a Sherlock Holmes pastiche.

    I consider myself a professional.

    And I'm here basically for a refresher and a jump-start. I've been in a hideous slump for nearly a year now, between kids and home and just the other day-to-day stresses that can gum up the works. So I figure, what better way than to have to THINK about writing exclusively for a bit.

    My assignment's posted in the appropriate thread. Thanks!
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    Hi Bethanne,

    Professional authors who seek to learn more are my favourite kind of people to work with.

    I think that the more highly skilled we become at the writing craft, the better we understand the potential for further improvement.

    I still remember years ago when I was a beginner, thinking my writing was so good that I couldn't improve it further. I actually turned down a professional author's offer of mentorship, because I thought with my wonderful talent I didn't need to learn anything. What an obnoxious arrogant git I must have been! :-D

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    Hi Emmly,

    Yes, it's afternoon here in England. I'm probably ahead of most of you. :-)

    Suspense works well in almost all (probably all) forms of fiction, whether they involve scary bits or not. The more suspense you can create, the better, especially if you can use a variety of techniques to achieve this.

    The technique I've chosen for this workshop is superbly suited to historical fiction, so I look forward to reading what you come up with.

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