As I sit here drinking coffee out of my vintage red roosterware cup, I've been perusing some of the author forums. Give me another cup or two and I may even begin to wake up enough to add a comment or two. One thing I am awake enough to know--there are certainly a lot of talented authors here and some great contests going on.

I don't know about the rest of you, but Mondays are hard for me. I make it a point to spend Sundays with family and leave all the writing, editing, and stuff behind for that one day. Then Monday morning comes and I feel so blah--almost brain dead. I have to try to get back into GO mode, think about deadlines, make priorities, so forth. The one thing I do love about Mondays is when I go through my email and get to answer letters from readers. It makes getting back to work easier when someone writes and says how much they love something I've written that was in the paper or they read a book of mine and can't wait for the next one. Nothing is better than that.

Okay, I've had my early Monday morning ramble and my coffee cup needs refilling, so time to get moving. See ya, Elizabeth.