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    I think I may have been rather too effective at promoting this seminar :-D
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    I sent in a second draft to the assignments page under your response. Where should I have sent it?
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    To Funny Can't find my lesson!

    [QUOTE=Rayne Hall;164521]Hi all,

    So many people have joined this seminar and are sending assignments, I'm overwhelmed! I'd expected maybe a dozen.

    Since I promised everyone feedback for their assignments, and I'll cancel everything else I'd planned for today so I can keep my promise.

    However, I've stopped writing individual replies to the introductions. There's no way I can keep those up as well. Will you please forgive me and accept a general "Hello all, good to have you here" ? :-)


    I posted my lesson yesterday. now i can't find the page it's on.
    Did you get the lesson?

    jerry Race
    Author Jerry Race an m/m writer.
    Seductive. Sensual & hawt romanace!
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    I don't remember your name (so many new names at once!) but I'll see if I can find it. Just a moment.
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    Hi Jerry,
    I checked and found that you had indeed posted an excerpt in the right folder but it wasn't about the assignment I'd set (unless was thick and missed something). I'm pasting it below so you can find it.
    I didn't see the actual assignment (10-250 words about a character entering through a door on a way to danger) from you.
    Sorry, I have to go to bed now. It's past midnight and I'm tiiiiiiired. :-)
    JerryR Okay. hopefully I'm not as... Yesterday, 11:00 PM
    Rayne Hall Hi Jerry, The Assignment is... Today, 03:52 AM
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    Thanks for telling me. I'll go there. But it won't be tonight (It's past midnight here and I'm too tired to concentrate) or tomorrow (because my month-long seminar starts tomorrow and will need my full attention) but hopefully in the next few days. I assume we'll be able to access the threads still.
    If the threads get locked or if I forget, contact me by email:
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