Summer flew by like crazy…October is here and that means Halloween is going to be here soon. So I’ve got a brand new funky little bookmark to give away. I’ve decided to go back to the old way of running the contest and not going to use Raffle-copter. Not everyone was a fan of it and honestly I will just use my old way of picking the winner by using
So the Sept winner is: Rosanna Leo
Huge congrats to Rosanna on winning…
The contest this month is to win a bookmark that is dark navy blue, white and a yellowish green..On one side is the Pleasure After The Pain cover with a sword charm and on the other side is the One Touch One Glance anthology cover.
The contest will run from October 1-31, 2012.
The winner will be announced in November and then a brand new contest will begin…
Have fun, good luck, and spread the news…

To enter

stay naughty,