I so appreciate that you're interested in more books in The Boss's Pet series! Thank you! Many of you have emailed me about when this book will be out or if, in fact, there would be one! YES!!! The book should be available in June of 2013! (First, I have to release book one, Come Tame Me, in my erotic western series, Wild Fillies coming in March, 2013 - see my topic on Work in Progress or visit my website above.)

If you've read Master's Email and liked Alexis and Colt, you'll be happy to know that those two will be making a trip to Palm Spring to party with Nick and Sondra. Did you like Master Buck? You'll be happy to know that he's attending the next party as well and his tats will be visible for all to see! If you've not read Master's Email and are curious, read a xxx-rated excerpt
HERE! Before reading, please know this is in the BDSM Dom/sub genre!! Not for the faint of heart...so don't say I didn't warn you! *wicked laugh*

I love to hear from my readers so please don't be shy in emailing me. I can be reached through my websites, Twitter and FB. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my work or what you might like to see in some of my future books! Again, thank you for stopping in! Muah!