See I have a theory and I have told the author but she can't tell me if I am right or wrong.

I have been reading Sephenie Meyer's Twlight Series (3 books so far) and it of course has Vampires and Werewoves, but it is written for teens.

The main girl Bella, is in love with a vampire and a werewolf. The wolves have mates too. So my theory is that she is both their soulmates.

The Vamps and the Wolfs.

So like Bella, Riley made me come to this conculsion. Quinn is her soulmate for the Vamps and for the Wolf in her it is Kellen.

She is a half-breed of course, a dhampire (I have no idea if I have that right). So she is stuck in both worlds, her soul too, so she has someone from both of them.

I really would love for someone to help me with this. I think this is right. T

Well till next time,