Once, the Q&A is over I will post the complete excerpt here for your reading pleasure.

Here is the Excerpt:
Adrenaline pumped viciously through Jes’ body as she took the stairs three at a time. She didn’t even break a sweat. Marcus was escaping, and it didn’t matter that he was on the shoulder of the man dressed in black, and how very “bad guy” of him to have a mask covering his face. Keeping his identity must have been key for this little mission he was on. She shouldn’t be surprised; the leader of the Red Sun Organization obviously wanted his puppet back. She was gaining on the masked man, and he didn’t seem to mind. Cocky bastard! Just because Jes was a female, men felt she was weaker, inferior, to their intelligence and strength. Well wasn’t he in for a surprise. Her legs pumped harder as they both reached the top of the landing at the same time. The door wasn’t a pull but a push. Dummy. Guess he thought he could pull it open and instead pulled the door off its hinge.

Jes used his fumble to her advantage and kicked out with her foot and pushed him, Marcus and the door forward into the hall. His head made a silent thump against the metal. What a fucking douche! He didn’t drop Marcus either, the Neanderthal was going to try and take her down with one arm. Did he think he would best her because she was a woman, and he was a man? Bring it! Jes thought to herself. She didn’t give him time to think, she reached forward with her right hand while punching him in the chest with her open palmed left hand. He shot backwards again, and she yanked with her right, clasping onto Marcus’ dead weight. The intruder must have knocked him out. He was limp and extremely heavy. With her new found strength, she was able to yank him from the other guys grasp. He reached out and grabbed her by the throat pressing inward. Why did men always go for a woman’s throat? All this did was piss her off more. He pulled her closer as he tried to choke the life from her. Her skin tingled with power and her canines elongated. Canines? When the fuck did she get Dracula teeth? No time to figure that out now. Darkness was threatening to cloud Jes’ brain, but there was also that buzzing noise in the back her brain. Something was happening, and she didn’t understand why. So many changes had already taken hold of her physically and mentally it was hard to keep up at times.

Everything was still brand new to her, some days she knew herself other days she didn’t. It was the days she didn’t understand that scared her. Tonight was one of those days, as her mouth filled with teeth she never had before. The mood changing eyes she could deal with, the inhuman super strength, sure why not, but fangs? Fangs were not on her list of cool attributes to have. The intruder currently trying to squeeze the life out of her, stilled. The air was agitated with his aggressiveness, she could smell it, but beneath it was doubt. Doubt? He doubted himself, and she was going to exploit his weakness to her advantage. Jes brought her hands between his arms and pushed down with all her strength. She loosened his grip on her neck and backed up, taking large gulps of air. His head tilted to the side, and he examined her. He actually took a break from his “bad guy” duties and gazed at her with black, cold eyes.

Great she was dealing with one of those strong psycho killing silent types. Those estranged men who never had the pleasure of sleeping with a woman or being around one for that matter. They just stared. She hated she even had the time to acknowledge that. Ronin said never let her guard down. Not now, not never again. Her scars may have been physically gone, erased from her body, but the memories lingered. She was still a damaged fucked up shell of a woman, more now than before with the loss of her mate,

A flash of green caught her eyes as the masked man stared at her for long moments. He was walking closer, one hand outstretched as if he would help her. His body language said he was sorry, but the air in the room was still filled with male testosterone and the anger that clung to it. Who was this man? As he reached slowly toward her, Jes took her chance. She reached forward as if to take his hand. Closer.....Closer...... Contact! She pulled him down to the concrete floor, her boot to his throat and pressed. He struggled, grabbed at her boot and twisted. Pain exploded in her ankle and spread up her leg, but she quickly recovered and fell, full straddle on top of him. Squeezing hard with her thighs, she gripped his side and began to choke him. The masked man choked and coughed, wrestling his head back and forth. When his body went lax beneath her thighs, she loosened.

Deep breaths sustained her shaking body. She was so amped up on adrenaline she didn’t think she’d come down. Her fangs were still making their debut appearance when Bells finally made the top of the landing. How long had the fight actually lasted? She was doubled over and trying to catch her breath. Damn had she gotten faster? What seemed like minutes must have happened in a shorter span of time.

“Dude, you fucking have fangs now?” Bells asked breathlessly.

“Um, yeah. I guess I do know.”

“Is he dead?”

“No he’s out, I think.” Jes was about to get off the body, but she wanted to see who the intruder was, wondering why he’d come for Marcus. He was large, but she was used to seeing large men, she sparred with two giants every day. Jes bent forward and pulled off the mask and froze. All the air from her body dissipated in a cloud of heartfelt confusion and sadness. She’d had dreams about this moment, nightmares too. Every single time the outcome had always been the same. Even in her nightmares the ending was what she wanted. But now, something was seriously wrong with this picture, and from the loud explosion of breath that Bells let rip from her chest, Jes knew she wasn’t dreaming.
Why? Why would he do this to her? Where had he been these past six weeks? They’d looked for him, the entire team had scrounged that warehouse from top to bottom and found nothing. Not even a body. She wanted to shout with victory and scream in agony, all in the same breath, but nothing came out. Raw, powerful emotions bombarded her senses. She was shaking and her vision blurred. Jes let out a scream that would have damaged anyone else’s vocal chords, all her rage, hurt, and desperation escaped in one long agonizing scream.

Draven, it was Draven underneath the mask. Black eyes flashed open and turned forest green before turning back to the inky black. He pushed up and grabbed her by the arms and flung her into the wall. Jes’ body hit with a sickening thud. He’d thrown her, but why? Did he not want her anymore? Was this really real? Or was she dreaming this all up? The pain was too real and too much for her to do anything but lay broken against the wall. Was this all her fault? Had her rejection and not being able to tell him how she genuinely felt caused this? Blood filled her throat and over flowed into her mouth, and she didn’t care. Her body was slowly repairing itself, she could feel it, Jes didn’t try to move, she could only watch as Draven quickly righted himself. Draven, her mate and father of her five year old daughter was alive.

He quickly dragged an unconscious Marcus out the opening of the door without even a backward glance. She’d come face to face with the only man she’d ever truly wanted and he’d walked out of her life again, for the third time.